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First Ever Scheduled A380 Flight to South America: Emirates' DXB-GRU

Emirates first expressed interest in flying their A380 to GRU (Sao Paulo, Brazil) several months ago. However, GRU was not ready to receive daily A380 flights and needed some improvements including the widening of one of their runaways and gate re-configurations.

The improvements are finalized and Emirates announced they will begin the daily A380 fight on March 26th. Passengers flying between South America and the Middle East (and beyond) will now have the option of Emirates' flagship first class suites (14 seats), lie flat business class (76 setas) and 401 seats in economy.

One of Emirates' longest flights, DXB-GRU takes almost 15hrs. And the recent partnership with GOL (G3) will allow Emirates flyers to connect to many cities in Brazil and South America.