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My opinions about @Delta new "Premium Cabin"

Delta news just published an article about the new upcoming "Delta Premium" cabin. You can read it here.

At a first glance Delta flyers may get excited about the opportunity to have a nicer option when it comes to flying "economy". However, I see several issues with the introduction of a so called "premium cabin".

  1. It is unclear at this point how Delta will offer the new cabin to Medallion members. I highly doubt that it will be a free upgrade like we currently have for Economy Comfort. Diamond Medallions with global upgrade certificates (GUC) might have to use them to get into this "premium cabin".
  2. In my opinion, this new "premium cabin" is not even that nice. Air France's premium economy is way better with more room and hard shell seats (See photo below)
  3. There is speculation that Delta will add one more seat per row to their 777's economy cabin. With narrower economy seats the "premium cabin" will be more attractive.
  4. Will the "Premium Economy" become the new "Business Class", and Business class become the new "First Class"? Remember other airlines like AA are also adding "Premium Economy" cabins. Thankfully, we still have international airlines offering true Business and First class cabins.

We shall wait and see if this will be an improvement for loyal Delta flyers or one more "keep descending" so called "enhancement".

Air France's Premium Economy